Angling guides:

Boasting the largest river and lake system in all of Denmark plus some 600 km of productive coastline, East Jutland has everything an angler could ever want.

In the midle of some of the most beautiful Danish nature the freshwater angler may practice many different kinds of angling. He may use the spinning or fly rod to catch salmon and seatrout, pike, perch and pikeperch plus all kinds of coarse fish - to mention but a few.

The shoreline of East Jutland is long and varied. Long stretches of open shoreline are combined with small secluded bays. Here some of the most productive waters for seatrout in all of Denmark may be found but equal chances await the angler looking for cod and flounder. He may try his luck from the shoreline or book an angling vessel leaving several of the hatrbours of East Jutland to fish far off waters.

In 1998 the County of Aarhus published two printed angling guides - one on freshwater fishing and another on saltwater fishing in East Jutland.

Price: DKK 50,- for both angling guides.
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